Mapping Cultural Energies (EN)

Between a Rock and a Hard Place was a one-day immersion into the music and landscapes of Sudbury, Ontario: a series of eleven outdoor concerts in eleven different locations took place on August 18th, 2012. Dutch artists Bik Van der Pol… Read More

The Sacred, Part 2: Possibility/ Thoughts of the Gods

Musagetes’ Executive Director, Shawn Van Sluys, delivered a lecture titled “The Sacred” at the University of Lethbridge on September 22, 2014. Using the examples of artistic projects in Lecce and Sudbury, Van Sluys talked about the relationship between how people make… Read More

On Pens and (S)words

Musagetes Program Coordinator Danica Evering spoke at TEDxGuelphU last November. This is a talk about stories, about pens and swords, and the people and communities who wield them. About the power they can have for change, as well as needing… Read More

Walking Together in the Woods – January 2015

A summary of the organizational thinking developed during Musagetes’ Retreat in January 2015. This year the retreat focused on the transformative power of the arts and our need to contribute with greater urgency to a movement toward broader and more… Read More


A workbook to accompany the Between a Rock and a Hard Place publication. As a series of creative exercises for a group of participants, the SenseLabs are Musagetes' approach to cultural mediation—a process of building bridges between the cultural and… Read More

Rebecca Belmore reflects on Private Perimeter

In early 2012, Musagetes and the Galerie du Nouvel-Ontario (GNO) invited Rebecca Belmore to develop a new project in Sudbury, Ontario. After a research visit in September 2012, Rebecca returned for a production residency in May 2013 during which she… Read More

Musagetes Manifesto (English)

A manifesto developed during a retreat in Quebec City in March 2006 by the members of the Musagetes Foundation, Michael Barnstijn, Louise MacCallum, Yeti Agnew, Valerie Hall, Doug McMullen and Joy S. Roberts, in collaboration with the participants invited to… Read More

Musagetes Manifesto (Español)

El manifesto ha sido creado en el Musagetes Café Québec City en Marzo de 2006 por los participantes: Simon Brault, Tim Brodhead, Jocelyn Harvey, Jude Kelly, Charles Landry, Gaetan Morency and Marc Pachter, and the Musagetes founders Michael Barnstijn, Louise… Read More