A group of people chat with each other around a table in an old victorian house.

Image by Danica Evering

On an early summer night, friends and strangers gathered in a Guelph living room to pass bread, sip wine, and breathe life into the written word. First over antojitos, then vegan chili, then carrot cake, we read from Revolution: A Reader. Published by Publication Studio Portland, Revolution: A Reader is a collection of poetic, scientific, literary, and philosophical texts and also a conversation about revolution between the editors Lisa Robertson and Matthew Stadler. Annotations from Robertson and Stadler—composed simultaneously and in response to one another—fill the margins of this 1200-page book, unfolding in a kind of web of argument that stitches across time and texts. Dinner include a copy of the book, and was regularly interrupted by the tinkling of glassware as a guest announced their wish to read a selected passage. While the summer evening cooled, they added their voices to the rising din.