PS Guelph

Publication Studio prints and binds books by hand, creating original work with artists and writers we admire. It serves as a space for publication in its fullest sense: it doesn’t simply produce books, but also brings people together through the shared experience of reading. Every book is made one at a time by hand as needed. If you walk into our storefront and say you’d like a certain book, we’ll make it, and then hand it to you in exchange for money (more like a bakery than a traditional bookstore). We attend to the social life of a book using any means possible to expand its circle of readers: physical books; social media presence; eBooks; and wild social events. This breathes life into the written word on paper, online, and through discussion.


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PS Guelph is one of several sibling studios around the world that work under the shared concept of Publication Studio. The PS family includes: PS São Paulo, PS Rotterdam, PS Guelph, PS Hudson, PS Edmonton, PS Vancouver, and PS Pearl River Delta.

Publication Studio Guelph is a hub for gathering formally and informally. For red-hot details about book launches, re-binding evenings, paper marbling workshops, deep reading events, flip-book-making sessions, and bookbinding nights, visit our Facebook page or come chat with us in person by appointment.

Books published by PS Guelph: