All Over the Map

September 28, 2013
Punk band on stage, one guitarist with pink hair, one in a short pixie cut, and the other with a long goatee and moustache.

Image by Vanessa Tignanelli

The gathering of the Musagetes Guelph Café was keenly public, legible, visible, and widespread. Activities were organized in atypical locations in order to foster and fasten together new communities. All Over the Map was a co-created one-day travelling music tour exploring these first four neighbourhoods. The tour featured performances in unique locations throughout the suburbs of Guelph which helped build connections outside of the core of the city, where most arts programming occurs. The tour was designed and programmed by Kazoo! (a local organization that strengthens communities in and around Guelph by presenting professional-quality experimentations with music and art) and the Guelph Neighbourhood Support Coalition (a network of neighbourhood groups, sponsoring agencies, and program partners that work at the grassroots level to meet the needs of children, youth, and families). By working with the Neighbourhood Groups of Willow West, Two Rivers, and Kortwright Hills, we connected to new communities in Guelph. Folk, rock, punk, and hip hop shows took place in the neighbourhoods of Willow West, Two Rivers, and Kortright Hills and drew out hundreds of neighbourhood residents.

Local artist Bryan Schirk was commissioned to make this audio zine for the project: