What, How & For Whom Workshop

In a hybrid form that will combine show and tell, video and film screenings, and self-reflection process, collective What, How & for Whom/WHW will discuss ways in which the local perspective continuously influences their curatorial practice, anchored in directing the non-profit Gallery Nova in Zagreb. As in many other European countries, Croatia is facing the devastating side-effects of radical right-wing populism and historical revisionism, and its onslaught to the institutional infrastructure not only of independent cultural micro-organizations, but of wider social principles of solidarity and secular values inherited from the socialist era. The transition from a socialist to a capitalist system during the last two decades has brought a dramatic fall in production, rise of unemployment and increasing poverty across the region, rapid commodification of public services as well as ideological-historical revisionist cleansing of the anti-fascist and communist past. The workshop will address different possibilities of tackling these alarming developments. How can we rethink exhibitions as interventionist forms in ideological, political and material circumstances of high adversity?

WHW’s one day workshop will take place at the University of Waterloo’s Fine Arts Department, and is co-presented by the university and CAFKAIf you would like to participate in the workshop on October 4, please contact cafka@cafka.org or info@musagetes.ca/musagetes-old for details.

For details on WHW’s lecture on October 3rd, please visit: http://musagetes.ca/news/big-ideas-lecture/

Image: Mladen Stilinović, “My sweet little lamb,” 1993, Courtesy Branka Stipančić.