THE LAST BOUT – Ding-Dong with Dong-Won: Round 007 – An Homage To Silence

As part of Improviser-in-Residence Dong-Won Kim’s 2014 residency, Musagetes and IISCI are pleased to present the seventh and final round in this ongoing improvisation series. Tomorrow night at Silence, join Dong-Won Kim ringside for this barnburner of a party in which we will be anything but silent!

Bring open hearts, open minds, voices, feet, bodies, ears, instruments, joy, and your dancing shoes for this knock-out event. This will be the final Ding-Dong Session of Dong-Won’s residency. Come and raise a glass and celebrate improvisation with Dong-Won one last time! The event is physically accessible and admission is free.

For more information, contact or 519-824-4120 x53885.

Dong-Won Kim is a Korean percussionist, vocalist, composer, and improviser. He has studied Korean traditional music since 1984, including farmers’drumming and dance, shaman music, and Pansori accompaniment. Dong Won Kim is an internationally recognized master of his form who has performed at the United Nations General Assembly Hall as a member of Yo-Yo Ma’s Silkroad Ensemble Project. Dong-Won has taught at various institutions internationally including Harvard University, the Musikak-Ademie Basel, Switzerland and currently teaches music as a professor of Wonkwang Digital University.