Musagetes Guelph Café: September 25 – 28

Musagetes Guelph Cafe Logo, with a triangularly folded map.

Image courtesy of Musagetes. Logo design by Gillian Wilson.

All events are accessible and free!

With performances, workshops, live music, discussions, hands-on publishing, outdoor interventions, debates, and a neighbourhood audio zine, the Café will focus on co-creating, bridge-building across communities, and recognizing alternative social spaces. Here is what we’ll be talking and thinking about:

  • How do we approach the arts differently here? Where is culture headed and who is taking it there?
  • How do we build strong communities with art?
  • What are the creative possibilities of social spaces outside home and work?
  • Of the many things that create a rich, critical, and vibrant arts scene, which contributes more, grassroots initiatives or big institutions?
  • What can we learn from music?
  • Is the art and culture we have in Guelph central and meaningful to people’s lives?

Space is limited for select events so reserve your spot for a breakfast hike with DodoLab, our vinyl listening brunch, a music tour of Guelph neighbourhoods and our final BBQ, concert and celebration at by September 16th, 2013.
The Café is presented by Musagetes in collaboration with Boarding House Arts, Ed Video, the Gosling Foundation, the Guelph Black Heritage Society, Improvisation, Community and Social Practice, Kazoo!, Publication Studio Guelph, the School of Fine Art and Music, Silence Guelph.