Ippolito Chiarello’s Residency at SFU

Musagetes is collaborating with Alessandra Pomarico and a number of community partners in Vancouver to host Italian actor, director, and teacher Ippolito Chiarello at Simon Fraser University’s theatre school. Ippolito’s experience with what he calls “homeless theatre” — an intimate street performance that actively engages passersby — will inform his work with the students at SFU over the course of the 2 week residency. The focus will be on the history of the place and the stories of its residents, shared right where relationships are happening. Not to create a spectacle, but as a forum for self-representation, a way to create attention for what is important for this community and to share its knowledge, and to bring together two solitudes: that of the students who work in the midst of this community every day, and the residents who actually live there.

For more information visit SFU’s website.