Game Remains: a sound performance by Postcommodity

Game Remains: a sound performance
Friday, March 4, 2016
7:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Heritage Hall, 83 Essex Street, Guelph
Free Admission

Game Remains, by interdisciplinary art collective Postcommodity, is a generative sound performance and socially engaged event combining video game technology with community collaboration to create a site-specific, immersive environment.

Game Remains is the culminating event of People of Good Will, a collaboration between the Guelph Black Heritage Society, Postcommodity, and Musagetes. Since 2014, People of Good Will has worked towards re-imagining the Underground Railroad narrative as a living history and metaphor of cultural self-determination for immigrants and culturally diverse peoples living in Guelph. The project has produced a series of visual art, performance, literary and music events examining contemporary contexts of intercultural relationships, power, and determinism. After several months of building relationships, capacity and equity, we are proud to announce this moment and to celebrate the achievements of People of Good Will.

Utilizing a ceremonial conceptual framework, Postcommodity has been working with local community collaborators to co-determine a set of values and protocols to guide the logic and interactivity of the game toward a shared vision of community agency and engagement. The game transforms local collaborators into musicians engaged in an instrument of self-determination with the ability to abstract the social, political, and economic characteristics of their locality, and collectively imagine and sonify a more desirable future.

Heritage Hall is not yet wheelchair accessible. The event is for all ages and admission is free. Appealing appetizers and rich refreshments will be provided. Alcohol will be available for purchase for those 19+.

About Postcommodity
Postcommodity is an interdisciplinary arts collective comprised of Raven Chacon, Cristóbal Martínez, and Kade L. Twist. Postcommodity’s art functions as a shared Indigenous lens and voice to engage the assaultive manifestations of the global market and its supporting institutions, public perceptions, beliefs, and individual actions that comprise the ever-expanding, multinational, multiracial, and multiethnic colonizing force that is defining the 21st-century through ever increasing velocities and complex forms of violence.

About the Guelph Black Heritage Society (GBHS)
The mission of the Guelph Black Heritage Society (GBHS) is to restore and maintain the historic British Methodist (BME) Church building at 83 Essex Street, as a community cultural and spiritual gathering space and promote Guelph and Wellington County’s distinctive place in Southwestern Ontario’s rich Black heritage.