Free Mulch! Saturday, November 9 from noon ’til dusk in the Ward – Bags Provided

A 3-D graphic of two piles of mulch.

Image courtesy of the Specialized Studio Class 2013-2014

The Mulch Project
Saturday November 9, 2013 from noon until dusk
Tytler Public School (131 Ontario Street, back entrance on Toronto Street)
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The leaves are turning burnt orange and bright yellow, the days are growing shorter, and it’s time to put our gardens to sleep for the winter! A soft blanket of mulch will help stabilize your garden through the colder months of the year and keep the weeds down in the spring. Join the University of Guelph Specialized Studio class and FASTWURMS at Tytler Public School on Saturday, November 9, 2013 from noon until dusk for a warm cup of apple cider, a home-baked treat, and free mulch for your garden.

Seventeen artists in their final year of the University of Guelph Studio Art Program have screen-printed and customized 200 burlap bags, which they will fill to distribute 6 cubic yards of cedar mulch. A rhizome is a horizontal underground root system that continuously grows outwards. It’s also a philosophical concept that expands on the idea of the growing root system to talk about new connections and multiple entry points without a hierarchy within a community. Dedicated to nourishing the gardens of the Ward, The Mulch Project is rhizome love, art, and community exchange: feeding roots, promoting growth, and celebrating the dedicated plant people of the Ward.

Drop by this fall afternoon and pick up your very own unique burlap bag of mulch. Go forth and prosper!

The Mulch Project Artists:
Sean Abraham
Laurel Barr
Rachel Crawford
Tor Day
Dana Deming-Watson
Mariah Hamilton
Sarah Hughes
Rachel Kopacki
Samuel De Lange
Rachel Loree
Jacquelyn Parent
River Roy
Jessie Sawyers
Savannah Snook
Loretta Steeper
Susannah Vander Zaag
Daniel Willison

Formed in 1979 by Kim Kozzi and Dai Skuse, FASTWURMS is the trademark and joint authorship of these Toronto/Creemore-based multidisciplinary artists whose artwork melds high and popular cultures, bent identity politics, social exchange, and a Witch positive DIY cinematic sensibility.

The Mulch Project is a collaborative project of Musagetes, an international organization that aims to make the arts a more central and meaningful reality in peoples’ lives, in our communities, and in our societies. We work in Guelph, Sudbury, Lecce (Italy), and Rijeka (Croatia) to demonstrate how art can be participatory and socially engaged to establish a greater sense of belonging in communities.

Special thanks to the Two Rivers Neighbourhood Group for all of their help and for sharing their space with us, and to the Specialized Studio Program, SOFAM, University of Guelph.