Book & Studio Launch

Join us to jointly celebrate the launch of Kevin Unstruck’s new poetry collection, Sublingual Syllabus, and our studio-warming for the new Publication Studio Guelph space in the Boarding House Arts Building on Thursday May 11th from 7-9pm. Kevin will be reading from their new collection. Refreshments provided. Free.

In Sublingual Syllabus, the moon coos sweet solace in a chilly glow and blades of grass conspire together to consider the author’s relationship to the universe. This collection of poetry by Kevin Unstruck—with illustrations by their child, Briel—visits themes of meaning, dream, and memory through wordplay and dramatic switchbacks. A spoken word artist, Unstruck examines existential quandaries, mourning, pop culture, and politics, often in the rhyming style of their live performances.
Kevin Unstruck is non-binary, pansexual, neoshamanic artist born into the Black, West Indian diaspora. Sometimes their work takes them to the stage with spoken word and hip-hop-inspired performances. Sometimes their work takes them into community organizations helping them to create supportive anti-oppressive environments. They also work toward reimagining socio-economic systems in ways that center love and care through their corporate partnership, Second Wind Solutions. Being a poet is central to Kevin’s experience of life. It breathes magic into the ordinary, speaks somatically from their connection to Land, World, and Universe, and teases mysteries loose with alchemical wordplay truly understood solely by bees, cats, and the oddest of humans.