Big Ideas: meLê yamomo

Join us on Thursday, December 1st at 7PM for this video-performance-lecture titled “…and when I speak, my brown skin and the entire ecology vibrate.” Composer and theatre-maker meLê yamomo will resound their philosophy of sound and the sonus—migrating between continents, cultures, artistic practices, and academic disciplines. meLê will be in conversation with academic Teilhard Paradela following a live music performance with video projection.

What lies in between theory and aesthetics? Situatedness and migration? Sounding and listening? Performing and perception? the Universal Self and the Colonial Other? What understandings transpire in imagining beyond social imaginations of racial, national, cultural, gender, or disciplinary borders and boundaries? What knowledges emerge through hearing? How can processes of soundings and listening transform us towards a postmigrant society?

meLê will also be offering a free workshop on Friday, December 2nd titled “Post:Migrant Presences.” Learn more and register at this Eventbrite link.

The Big Ideas in Art + Culture + Improvisation lecture series is presented by CAFKA, Musagetes, and IICSI.