Vijeće Mladih Benčić (Benčić Youth Council)

Benčić Youth Council By Railway, Summer School, July 21-25, 2014 Sketchbook Exhibition - July 25, 2014, 13:00 Benčić Youth Council Headquarters: Bernardi Centre, Address, Rijeka Who will one day assume leadership roles in the cultural dynamic of Rijeka? The Benčić… Read More

Cities for People: Get Connected

What is Cities for People? Cities for People, a grassroots movement that looks at the resilience and livability of cities, asks the question: How can we enhance social, ecological, and economic well-being and help civic cultures thrive? We are approaching… Read More

Geoffrey James: Public Lecture

Geoffrey James will be presenting the Sudbury portion of his Canadian Photographs series as part of a free public talk at the Galerie du Nouvel-Ontario on May 21 at 7 PM. Read More

Rijeka: The Promise of a City

Promise can be found nestled in the crook of rock where the Istrian Peninsula meets the Dalmatian coast. This is Rijeka, a city with a rich cultural history,  and one that is also aware of a new rhythm emerging from… Read More

Parco Comune die Frutti Minori (The Common Orchard)

We’re excited to announce one of the first projects of Free Home University, Parco Comune die Frutti Minori (The Common Orchard). In its seedling stage, the project is a collaboration between Free Home University and Casa delle Agriculture ‘Tullia e… Read More