Parco Comune die Frutti Minori (The Common Orchard)

We’re excited to announce one of the first projects of Free Home University, Parco Comune die Frutti Minori (The Common Orchard). In its seedling stage, the project is a collaboration between Free Home University and Casa delle Agriculture ‘Tullia e… Read More

A new paper on art and resilience

Musagetes, the J.W. McConnell Foundation (Montreal), and the Breuninger Stiftung (Berlin) share a belief in the value of the arts in making our communities and cities livable, just, beautiful, and resilient. We all recognize the need for deeper thinking about… Read More

Free Home University: How We Want to Live

Free Home University Class One: HOW WE WANT TO LIVE December 5th to 15th, 2013, Lecce, Italy Free Home University (FHU) is a pedagogical experiment created in 2013 by an international group of artists and thinkers. It focuses on… Read More

Musagetes Guelph Café: September 25 – 28

All events are accessible and free! With performances, workshops, live music, discussions, hands-on publishing, outdoor interventions, debates, and a neighbourhood audio zine, the Café will focus on co-creating, bridge-building across communities, and recognizing alternative social spaces. Here is what we’ll… Read More