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Musagetes presents its latest program, ArtsEverywhere—an online platform and collection of projects that offer a new forum concerned with the role the arts play in addressing the faultlines of modern society and the deep and perplexing problems that beset contemporary life.

Each month will invite ten contributors to respond to a roundtable question, encouraging commentary by the contributors and readers. Essays, book reviews, policy papers, stories, podcasts, videos, and other content will be posted daily, weekly, and monthly.

At its core ArtsEverywhere is about relationship-building. We ask, “How can we find new ways of being, knowing, and relating that can influence significantly more people––and their institutions––to imagine new possibilities?” ArtsEverywhere is a place for such relationship-building and knowledge-sharing through stories, debates, examples, and ideas that we hope will resonate broadly.

ArtsEverywhere is committed to two core principles:

  • that the arts must be a central component of individual and collective experiences of the world; and
  • the arts must be a vital part of all social and political processes (governance, justice, activism, economies, education, etc.).

Musagetes’ Manifesto from 2007 states that “we strive to help restore the power of imagination in individuals.” We do that by placing artistic thinking and inquiry in relation to everyday life and to the urgencies and struggles of our societies and communities.

Experimenting with New Possibilities

ArtsEverywhere is about experimentation with new, revived, and alternative forms, possibilities, and networks beyond the status quo. We believe if the arts are more central to the practices and discourses related to all aspects of our world, then we can bring new forms and possibilities into being that are more just, more resilient, and more beautiful.

The online platform considers art in relation to public space, economic dignity, community-building, urbanism, and rural dynamics. And it considers art in relation to complex forms of oppression, celebrations of difference, and the possibilities that are present in a deep engagement with complexity. Several lines of inquiry that emerge frequently within ArtsEverywhere include Improvisation, Relationality & Indigenous Knowledge, Queerness, Feminism, Ecological Literacy, Radical Pedagogy & Artistic Inquiry, Imaginative Thinking, and Economic Dignity.

ArtsEverywhere extends invitations to leaders, innovators, and critical thinkers in diverse fields and sectors. We wish to create open spaces for dialogue about the value that the arts bring to all aspects of our communities and societies—not only from the points of view of artists, cultural workers, and arts institutions, but also from the perspectives of policy makers, ecologists, mathematicians, children, city builders, social justice leaders, farmers, educators, activists, and so on.

Visit and immerse yourself in the conversations happening there.

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