Ding-Dong with Dong-Won: Round 004 – Movement in Sound, Sound in Movement (With Dancer Georgia Simms and Percussionist Adam Bowman)

An ongoing improvisation workshop series with our 2014 Improviser-in-Residence Dong-Won Kim

As part of Improviser-in-Residence Dong-Won Kim’s 2014 residency, Musagetes and IISCI are pleased to present the fourth round in this ongoing improvisation series. Next Tuesday, Improviser-in-Residence Dong-Won Kim will be holding his fourth lecture, discussion & workshop on improvisation with dancer Georgia Simms and percussionist Adam Bowman. Movement in Sound, Sound in Movement will look at the connections between dancing and percussion and moments of overlap and learning.

Bring your open hearts, open minds, voices, feet, bodies, ears, instruments, curiosity, and joy to this event, held at Silence at 46 Essex Street. Both audience members and performers are welcome, and no prior experience is necessary. The location is accessible and admission is free. See you Wednesday evening at 7 PM! The event is physically accessible and admission is free.

Please save the date for upcoming workshops:

Ding-Dong 004: Movement in Sound, Sound in Movement | Tuesday, October 21, 7-9 PM
Ding-Dong 005: When A Volcano Sings, with Pansori singer Bae, Il-Dong | Tuesday, November 4, 7-9 PM
Ding-Dong 006: Composition In Improvisation | Tuesday, November 18th, 7-9 PM
Ding-Dong 007: Homage To Silence | Tuesday, December 2nd, 7-9 PM

Georgia Simms is a dancer with Dancetheatre David Earle, and the creative director of her own company, IMAGEO artworks. Her choreography has been presented by the Guelph Dance Festival and commissioned by the City of Guelph to animate Market Square. Her desire for transformation in social and environmental relationships drives her art and activism.

Canadian drummer / percussionist Adam Bowman has been a mainstay in both the Canadian and international music scene for over a decade. Adam has toured and recorded with such well known and respected artists as Kellylee Evans, Ember Swift, Dawn Langstroth, Joni NehRita, Melissa Ferrrick, Carlos Morgan, Chris Rouse, Eccodek and VINX to name a few. Adam is also an accompanist for Canada’s premier Contemporary Dance organization “Dancetheatre David Earle”. Adam attended Toronto’s Humber College and studied with some of the countries finest teachers including Roger Flock, Paul Delong, and Don Vickery. Prior to Humber College, Adam studied for many years with Canadian drum guru Gary Tomlin. From Funk to Jazz, Hip Hop to Folk music, Adam’s big beats and deep feel are unmistakeable and he has become the drummer of choice for songwriters, producers and music directors alike.

Dong-Won Kim is a Korean percussionist, vocalist, composer, and improviser. He has studied Korean traditional music since 1984, including farmers’ drumming and dance, shaman music, and Pansori accompaniment. Dong Won Kim is an internationally recognized master of his form who has performed at the United Nations General Assembly Hall as a member of Yo-Yo Ma’s Silkroad Ensemble Project. Dong-Won has taught at various institutions internationally including Harvard University, the Musikak-Ademie Basel, Switzerland and currently teaches music as a professor of Wonkwang Digital University. http://www.silkroadproject.org/ensemble/artists/dong-won-kim/