Guelph & Regions

Handmade collaged map of Guelph.

Image courtesy of Guillermo Delgado

Guelph is our home – this is where we live and work. Musagetes established its offices in Guelph in 2009 because the city has rich and nuanced cultural and socio-political conditions that make it a fruitful stomping ground for cultural experimentation. The city has a population of 130,000 making it possible to collaborate with the municipality and create real change. It is close to Toronto geographically, the largest city in Canada, while surrounded by a densely populated rural area. It has an active cultural scene and possesses a strong identity as a progressive, healthy city. Perhaps this image is at times a barrier to moving forward. This is a unique city engagement for us. Unlike our other cities in which we develop dialogues and artistic projects for a period of three to four years, our efforts in Guelph are perpetual, and Guelph shapes the way we engage in our other cities.

Guelph & Regions Projects