Musagetes works simultaneously at both a local and global scale. Our programmatic experiments in specific locales inform our understanding of how the arts can transform society. We encourage and study the integration of artistic processes into diverse disciplines, the design of participatory and collaborative practices, the impact of interventions in public space, and the sustained proliferation of artistic production. These elements form the backbone of our program decisions and are at the forefront of our minds when we evaluate the impact of our work. More…

To engage deeply in a neighbourhood, community, city or region, Musagetes must gain a tangible and intuitive understanding of the locale’s specific conditions. This is achieved only through collaborations with individuals and organizations—collaborations that are based on trust, coinciding values, a mutual belief in the best of human potential, and even a touch of affection. Only with that foundation do we earn the right to work in these places; and only from that foundation can we define our objectives, build our networks, and design the local program.

In addition to establishing a strong collaborative team, we seek to understand the local context through methods of research that include forms of urban investigation, artistic workshops, active observation and sociological or anthropological study. This contextual research provides the background for all of our artistic programs (experiments), interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral dialogue (cafés), and measurements of impact (evaluation). Such research considers social dynamics, spatial mapping, environmental issues, exertion of and infringement on rights, alternative systems (especially political and educational) and, of course, cultural mapping.