Nunavut in Venice

Fifteen years ago now, the territory of Nunavut was formed, the result of an arduous land claims negotiation that stands as a laudable attempt to reckon the practice of settler colonialism with the reality of Aboriginal title. The expanse of… Read More

Manifesta 10

This June, the 10th edition of the Manifesta biennale opened in St. Petersburg, Russia. Since its beginning, the biennale has been itinerant, typically unfolding in peripheral European cities or contested regions. Prioritizing processes of research as a tool for embedding… Read More

Touch, Material, Change: A Week in Alberta

"The neglect of touch, smell, and taste (and to some extent, hearing) in visual culture descends particularly, of course, from art history, and generally, from the tendency to dismiss the proximal senses as inferior that underpins Western thought. To include… Read More

MANIFEST! Choreographing Social Movements in the Americas

Whether you experienced the 2012 Quebec student strikes as a protester or an observer, as a sympathizer or incredulous bystander, the demonstrations continue to resonate throughout Montréal.[1] Red felt squares still adorn the backpacks and lapels of some activists, and police… Read More

Porch View: a choreography of daily life

On a recent July evening in a downtown Toronto neighbourhood, a large crowd gathered in front of a small, two-story brick home. People spilled across yards, onto the sidewalks, and into the tree-lined street. They arrived by foot, bicycle, and… Read More

The Work in Play: the Benčić Youth Council in Rijeka, Croatia

“The childhood experience that determines spatial practices later develops its effects, proliferates, floods private and public spaces, undoes their readable surfaces, and creates within the planned city a metaphorical or mobile city, like the one Kandinsky dreamed of: ‘a great… Read More

Cities Building

This article is based on an interview conducted with Lisa Baroldi on 30 June 2014. Baroldi is the founder and director of Progress Unlimited and a member of the Edmonton Economic Development Corporation.   A city is more than the… Read More

Resilience Theory, From the Sciences to the Arts

While resilience is a quality that can be ascribed to the toughest amongst us, resilience theory is slightly different, an idea that comes from the sciences to describe a system’s capacity to respond to change while maintaining core functions. Unsurprisingly,… Read More