Keeping the Eyes Open

There is no shortage of ways to be in relation, but subject as we are to instinct and instruction, patterns emerge. Over his 30 year career as a musician, Dong-Won Kim has observed tendencies in the practice of improvisation: some… Read More

The view from São Paulo: Art & Urban Foodways

Through the lens of a new location  (1 of 2) I have just moved from Brooklyn, New York City to the Center (Centro) of São Paulo in order to realize the next stage of, a project I initiated that focuses on daily life in the city’s center… Read More


Classic theories of aesthetic enjoyment are based upon ideas of harmony or exercises of proportion or the invocation beauty, all of which were severely disrupted in the 20th century by movements such as Abstract Expressionism and Dadaism. With these new… Read More


Projected in a grid on a gallery wall, a video of hands at work creates a rich tapestry of images and sound. Hands deboning fish, kneading dough, beating eggs, whisking, stirring, chopping, skinning. Each task has its own rhythm that… Read More

Parade of Noises

Rich Marsella’s music practice embraces wild sounds and elements of chaos. As an avant garde musician and composer, music gets exciting for him when noise is introduced into musical compositions that resonate with an audience. By exploring sounds that many… Read More

Field Notes Collective

In 2009 Rosemarie De Clerck-Floate, a scientist in Lethbridge, Alberta, decided that she needed to find a new way of reaching the scientific community and the broader public about environmental issues such as climate change. She wanted to develop a… Read More

Artist Roundtable (A.RT): Art and Politics

It's a new, interesting initiative for the visual arts to have this sort of thing happening, and I'm really excited to take part. It's not very often that as an artist you have the potential to sit down and have… Read More


They’re calling to each other as we arrive, the sheep. Some of us drove to the farm that day and some walked. As those of us in the car shout greetings to those waiting there who had walked ahead, roughly… Read More

Where the Metaphor Falls Short

An interview with Gina Badger, the final editor of FUSE Magazine (1976-2014)   In death, rebirth. Or so the colloquial sentiment goes. Nutrient recycling. Recovery. Surrender. Ecologically, this process is known as succession and it can be thought of as a map… Read More