Ayreen Anastas and Rene Gabri

Ayreen Anastas is an artist living in New York. She has been part of 16 Beaver Group and other initiatives. She often prefers to do something else.

Rene Gabri: “This short note is written on Thursday September 26 initiated exactly at 3am at the 66th street stop, while on the Bronx Bound 1 Train. It is the kind of day that crows don’t crow anymore. It’s the kind of day that the scandal is no longer scandalous. A pan shot widens to show a landscape without landscape, a waterfall without water, a cowboy, a buffalo, a mortuary, a noose, a jury hung. A day without justice and without breath. A day which exceeds itself in delivering the night. A day not unlike itself, a day like any other. It is a judgment day without judgment. It is a hell without the heaven. It is a day of reckoning with nothing. And thus the fullest day. A day full of biographies whose lives escape them. 3:21, 157th street.

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